At Locals Give Back, our mission is to assist and empower survivors of domestic violence with opportunities for financial stability and to help end the cycle of abuse.

For Real Estate Agents and Brokerages:


When your Brokerage partners with Locals Give Back, we provide courses that teach Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Automation, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, eBook and Magazine creation, so your Real Estate agents can grow their personal brand locally and create lucrative lead sources while creating passive income as well.

For Participants:


Locals Give Back is a female-owned nationwide company that provides high-paying commission income opportunities, on-the-job training, and health insurance for single-parent homes who are struggling to gain financial stability and women who are fleeing domestic violence.

The year-long program provides all the training needed for participants to become professional entrepreneurs in fields in real estate and finance and digital marketing.

The program currently offers many no-cost career pathways to choose from: Credit Repair Specialists, State Licensed Life Insurance Agent, State licensed Securities Agent, Tax Preparation Specialist, and Managing a Locals Give Back office as a Vivint Smart Home Authorized Retailer. 

The participants are also provided with empowerment coaching, access to free financial planning, master sales training, digital media marketing, and on-the-job experience.

Participants gain experience to be competitive applicants for other careers and maintain financial stability with the passive income they create for themselves.

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"The more we succeed, the more we can help those who truly need it."  

LOCALS GIVE BACK Founder and CEO Hailey Hughes

Locals Give Back, LLC is an authorized retailer of Vivint Smart Home products and services.  

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to learn more about the Program 

Click here to Call 425-300-6070 

to learn more about the Program 

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